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  • Machine Learning Is a Valuable Tool, Not a Silver Bullet

    By Clint Lowry, Director of Global Product Management and Research January 27, 2017

    Online fraud attempts are up over the past year and only expected to rise further. This is a problem that’s not going away anytime soon, leaving many fraud managers and risk professionals searching for better solutions to avoid escalating costs.

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  • Understanding Customers Key to Fraud Prevention

    By Robert Capps, Vice President of Business Development December 13, 2016

    Combining behavioral analytics and passive biometrics with traditional verification solutions goes a long way towards ensuring fast and safe online interactions for customers, while fighting fraud and lowering risk.

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  • Multi-layer Security Fraud Mitigation Lowers the Cost of Detecting Fraud

    By Jeff Wixted, VP Operations & Product Management November 01, 2016

    Accuracy is the primary means to lower the cost of fraud detection. When an automated solution is less accurate, the frequency of manual reviews rises along with associated costs of reacting to false positives and other bad triggers. When the automated solution brings more accurate results, the need for manual reviews drops. The odds of accuracy grow with a balanced, multi-layered approach to automated controls. Related benefits include lower costs by less intervention of fraud professionals and less friction in the buying process that might irritate a good customer. Some data points in this year’s LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud study show the importance of this principle and how to achieve its benefits.

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  • Preparing for the Holiday Season

    By Mark Michelon, President October 28, 2015

    The holidays are meant to be a relaxing period for employees to take some time off from work and enjoy it with family. Unfortunately in the retail industry, and especially for fraud prevention teams, there is no downtime.

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