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PSD2’s Strong Authentication Doesn't End Fraud Risk for Merchants

Published by:
By Catherine Tong

Many merchants may have thought that the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) elements of the European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) would mean that fraud liability would be shifted away from their responsibility.

Tips for Reducing the Top 5 Exploits of Airline Card Fraud

Published by: Aviation Pros
By Mark Dawes

There are actions your company’s fraud team can do right now to reduce financial and operational damage from fraudsters.

Preparation is vital to cut fraud risk Attacks by cybercriminals are an ever-present consideration for airlines. There is no “silver bullet”, but carriers can take steps to reduce their exposure and keep up with the rapidly changing landscape, writes Lisa Rankin, vice-president of partnerships at Accertify.
4 ways credit-card fraud in the hotel industry is evolving Hotel Management
By Paul Mangino, VP of Client Success
How hotels can mitigate their fraud risk Published by: Hotel Business
By Nicole Carlino

Data breaches and security challenges have long been issues that the hotel industry has had to deal with. But with mobile check-in and other industry trends, this landscape is evolving—and that’s something hotel managers need to understand.
Keep Your Company in Check With Accertify Published by: RewardExpert
by Laura Pourinski

Fraudsters seem to be everywhere these days, from the financial services sector to the travel industry to electronics. With so many risks out there, how do companies keep their consumers and employees safe from automated attacks? Accertify prides itself on being a one-stop shop for fraud management.
Your Gold Mettle Moment: How to Stop Fraudsters from Stealing the Spotlight at Worldwide Events Bank Administration Institute
March 19, 2018
by Jeff Wixted

Global sporting events bring business opportunities for merchants and banks across the world. But with any major revenue opportunity, the increased risk of fraud isn’t far behind.
Fraud-Prevention Industry Veteran Mark Michelon To Succeed Lorenzo Soriano As President of Accertify Fraud-Prevention Industry Veteran Mark Michelon To Succeed Lorenzo Soriano As General Manager of Accertify
How to reduce the pain of post‑holiday chargebacks Internet Retailer
March 5, 2018
by Michael Mallon

Prioritize the chargebacks that are winnable. And reduce refund demands by offering clear returns policies and a name on credit card bills shoppers will recognize.
Pay it Back: Postholiday Blues for Retailers Wall Street Journal
January 13, 2018
by Jo Craven McGinty

Hundreds of millions of dollars of credit-card charges are reversed each year, and the peak period occurs in the weeks after Christmas.
Ethoca Collaborates with Accertify to Win at 2017 Cards and Payments Awards Anti-fraud and chargeback prevention collaboration network wins judges’ vote
The Challenges and Rewards of an Omni-Channel Payments Solution The convergence of online and in-store payments into a single solution is well underway
Selecting the Right Anti-Fraud Tool for Your Business Matching the right anti-fraud tool to your online business can be tricky, but these three top tips will help you pick the right tool for your business.
Transferring Risk Security and fraud prevention systems that put the onus on vendors to protect transactions and data are getting popular with e-retailers.
Preventing Chargebacks: The Best Defense is a Good Offense Originally published on on January 28, 2016, this article describes ways to reduce the volume of chargebacks issued to your company.
Reversing Friendly Fraud Chargebacks: You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play Originally published on on January 19, 2016, this article explores the merchant benefits to reviewing or responding to chargebacks.
Addressing Delivery and Returns Fraud to Protect Profits A fraud team usually focuses on the actions of professional fraudsters. These are the criminal pros who attempt to steal on a large scale using automation and thousands of stolen payment cards. It makes sense to aim the artillery at big threats. Now, a different kind of smaller scale fraud scenario perpetrated by amateurs is gaining traction on the fraud battlefront. It's called delivery and returns fraud.
Online Merchants Need an EMV Era Fraud Plan With the highly anticipated EMV liability shift now in effect in the U.S., merchants have been adopting point-of-sale terminals that can accept chip-based cards.
How Do You Protect and Grow Your Profits Fraud evolves. Preventing chargebacks, lost-in-transit, and refund and return policy abuse losses in one process is efficient and improves performance. This article explores the challenges of fraud prevention in a multi-channel world.

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