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A leading industry analyst firm and enterprise customers alike recognize our global support services as world class. By completing rigorous platform and technology training, our multi-lingual representatives offer extensive fraud prevention and account management experience. Expect responsiveness, expert consultation, and impeccable problem-solving skills.


Service Options

All customers receive Premium Support, and have the flexibility to use Elite Support services. These options ensure you receive the right level of service at all times to meet specific business requirements.

Premium Support Includes:

  • Live support from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. (Monday–Friday)
  • Monitor support and tune system processes
  • Troubleshoot client-side data feed issues
  • Manage data validation service production issues
  • Implement changes to client user roles and related controls
  • Configure Case Management dashboard as requested

Premium Plus & Elite Plus Support Includes:

  • All features listed above plus 24/7/365 support for fraud and chargeback management solutions

Elite Support Includes:

  • All Premium Support services
  • Create new and change existing rules and rule-sets
  • Re-map client indexed fields
  • Support client XML and/or other feed changes
  • Update negative/positive table structure and data
  • Update and/or modify virtual tables

Resource Library

We offer a rich and comprehensive set of support resources through a secure web portal dedicated to around-the-clock, user-friendly resources. This extensive support library includes best practices documents, rules configuration steps, implementation QuickStart guides, release notes, and more.

Enterprise Reporting & Analytics

Standard Reports

 A comprehensive collection of industry-wide “canned” reports that provide end users with key metrics and insight into their data. They report on multiple categories, including resolution history, analyst performance, and non-transaction reports. Inputs for each report are determined by the end user and are based on the attributes within the client’s setup.


Dashboards act as a snapshot into a client’s transaction data, both from an operations and fraud management perspective. Transaction data is represented through graphics and visuals to provide additional color to the data. The dashboards can be used as a quick overview of the management of the tools, analytics, rules, etc.

Super Reports

Super Reports are Standard Reports that allow for the ability to drill down on specific data defined within the report. Hyperlinks expose the user to additional reports that add more content and emphasis on their data. It allows more granular data from your original report.

Data Extract Utility

Data Extract Utility (DEU) provides merchants with access to their data in a secure manner, using encryption. DEU empowers clients to extract their own data into their data management tool to manipulate their information as they choose. All of your transaction, resolution, and negative data are available within DEU. 

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